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Alice, Where Art Thou? (More Guinness Carrolling)

  • Details

    1952, Published by: Guinness & S.H. Benson, Illustrations: Antony Groves-Raines

    Soft Covers


  • More details

    Guinness advertising pamphlet. Celebration of Guinness 200th anniversary. Parodies and imitations of passages from Lewis Carroll's works.


    This series of pamphlets are called “Doctor’s Books” as they were sent to GPs’ surgeries to encourage the drinking of Guinness for medical purposes: very good for nursing mothers for example!

    Guinness began sending promotional booklets to doctors in 1933, breaking off during World War 2, and restarting again in 1950.
    In all, 24 were made, of which five are based on the Alice books: this is the 4th of the five.

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