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A site dedicated to my Alice in Wonderland book collection



Hello and Welcome to everyone!


My name is Maayan and I'm a 38 years old 'Alice collector' from Israel.

I collect all things Alice, though my main focus is definitely the books.

I started this book collection about 15 years ago as it's slowly taken over my life :)

Here you'll find my collection of books in English and Hebrew along with a short description of the book itself - i.e year of printing, publication and the name of the illustrator.

I will be updating it every couple of week or so, with my new purchases.

if you have any question about the value of a certain book or will like to sell an edition you own... or really any comments about Alice or this site, please feel free to email me below.


I hope you'll enjoy your visit and please come again.






Please feel free to send me any questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting.

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