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  • Why do you collect Alice in Wonderland book?


That is really the most ask question I get, and it's really kinda hard to bear with me.

Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite books (it's really my most favorite..obviously) and so I always had a copy at home.

The second thing to know about me, is that I LOVE antiques. I have this weird fascination by them and I love the quality, aesthetics and work that went in to making them. The thought that an object had a whole lifetime before it came to me is just wonderful to me.

The third thing to know about me is that I love reading books, and I love illustrations.

So, when you put all of those things together, adding the fact that I have a collectors soul in me, I found myself starting to collect antiqe books..but not just any books.. Alice books.


And so now, my interest is in comparing different illustrations and translations, the way differt people choose to abridge the story or depict the charecters and so on.



  • Was Lewis Carroll a pedophile? 


I would say no. I know that opinions are divided on the subject so I'm not gonna go into a lenglthly debate here, but just to say that everything we consider strange about his relationship with Alice Liddell and other children, such as taking nude pictures of them, was the norm in those days.

You can read more at - 



  • How much do the collection worth?


It's really hard to say..

I do remember (pretty much) how much I paid for each book, but that's not really an indication, now is it..

If you want to know the worth of any specifict book, you can ask me in the About section or in the Comments on the Home page.

Let's just say..I paid a handsome sum over the years.

I sometime joke, that eventually I'll have to sell the collection to buy food :)




I'll probably add a few more over time, but feel free to ask anything at the About section or in the Comments on the Home page.



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