The Nursery "Alice"

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    1890, Published by: Macmillan and Co., Illustrations: John Tenniel (inside) and E. Gertrude Thomson (covers)


    Signed by Lewis Carroll

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    A presentation copy of The Nursery "Alice", Inscribed to Mary Watson on March 25, 1890.


    In his diaries Dodgson writes about meeting and photographing the three Watson girls on Oct. 5, 1869. They remained in touch throughout the years. 

    You can read Mary Watson reculaction of a story Carroll told her and her sisters, along with a storyboard drawings by him Here - The story was first published by Sidney Herbert Williams in Some Rare Carrolliana, 1924.

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    Dodgson's diary entry for March 25th 1890: 'managed to go to London, to write in over a hundred copies of The Nursery Alice'.